SXSW Wrap-up!

How to even begin telling the full story of SXSWi 2010, I’m not even sure! Hm. Well I hope our friend Philip Kaplan (@pud) won’t mind me sharing what he said to us:

“I’ve been going to sxsw for about 10 years and this was the most memorable. Your generosity is awesome — thank you!!!”

Thanks pud! Our hope is to deliver happiness and make good memories so that means a lot :)

When we first came up with the idea for the Delivering Happiness bus, we had no idea what was in store for us. After about ten days of planning, we arrived to the sun shining and birds chirping. It was beautiful in Austin! So we let it ride (yah, so to speak)…

In the day, we handed out Happy Pins, bubble wands and advance copies of the book to SXSW attendees that happened to swing by. Loved seeing the expression on everybody’s faces.

Then the night fell and our diva emerged. Her name is Kiwi and she was our KickArse Balloon Artist. (Hope this explains the helium-filled protrusions from everyone’s heads.)

As the days and nights continued, the Delivering Happiness bus roamed the streets of Austin, picking up and dropping off a whole mess of people (without getting too messy, we hope :).

We also made a stop by the Blogger Lounge to give out some advance copies and throughout the remaining nights, a varietal of peeps came on board like Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk), Sanjay Gupta (@sanjayguptaCNN), Evan Williams (@ev), Lisa Cortes (producer of the Oscar-nominated film Precious) and Jenny 8. Lee (@jenny8lee).

We’d go on but it’d feel like we’re dropping names, when it really was a busload of happy people we loved meeting, hosting and entertaining. Suffice it to say it was just an incredible time! Thanks so much, to everyone who helped make it one of the most memorable SXSWs yet.

Instead of boring you to tears with the play-by-play, we have:

{Thanks to the DH Team, @glennmc and Craig Silverstein for letting us share their photog skills!}

  • It sounds like an awesome time Tony – I heard great things about the bus and the time that some friends had on it – I’m bummin I missed it!

    I can’t wait to read “Delivering Happines” – I’ll find a friend with the advanced copy. cheers!

  • Paul Saunders

    Hi Tony … Can’t wait to get my hands on the book .. hopefully I can be the first person in sunny Perth / West Australia to read from cover to cover. I am an entrepreneur too … (we met last year at DC for all of 2mins at Yanik’s event – mighty impressed with the whole ‘culture’ concept) … from washing cars to making a dime from selling limes, I currently have some health products that we sell thru an Australian w/sale dist’ network and am also putting myself back through Uni at the same time to master Mandarin and Japanese for both personal passion and business spin off opportunities .. if you need any support / promotion of the book via a thriving top 150 Uni campus at then would be glad to help. We may be ‘way’ out west here but there are some ‘big’ thinkers who’d love to hear you talk. Good luck keep up the good work :)