The Happiness at Work Survey Not just another employee engagement survey

Together with Happiness Works, we’re shining a spotlight on employee engagement to help you uncover what’s driving the culture in your organization. The survey itself is carefully designed using the latest wellbeing research; it’s short enough to maintain your employees’ interest, while still retaining a depth of detail to function as an effective diagnostic tool.

The science behind the survey

Informed by 12 years of research into engagement, well being, and happiness at work, the survey measures the four dynamic and interrelated categories that impact our happiness at work:

  • Personal resources
  • The organization itself
  • The work itself, including elements of progress, control, and connectedness
  • Our thoughts and emotions at work, including the element of purpose

The survey itself

The flow of the 40-question, 10-minute survey is simple and engaging. Each question is benchmarked to the appropriate national average so participants can explore their results, put them into context, and take direct action to increase their happiness at work.

Individual results are shown immediately with colorful visuals. Results identify highlights and lowlights in a dynamic and interactive model that encourages discovery. Key benefits include: individual anonymity, aggregated organization and team results, and filtering for specific dimensions and demographics.


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