The Delivering Happiness Movement is fueled by our community, the people who use their passion, inspiration and good vibes to help us nudge the world to a happier place. That’s why we have a Community Happiness Action Team (CHAT) to give the members of our movement the happy lovin’ care they deserve.

The kindly guide for all things happiness, CHAT brings you up close and personal with the DH community through:


Our house is built on relationships and our team is made up of real people who want to know your name and your story. Every question that knocks on our door opens a personal dialogue with CHAT and a guarantee of service with a speedy, smiling response. The key to our happiness is, quite simply, your happiness.


With CHAT, you have a personal compass for navigating the world of happiness. Our team is your true north for resources on building a happier home, workplace and community. From a DH book discussion guide to a tool-kit for creating our own comminuty events, CHAT keeps your bearings happy.


Our happy landscape includes parents and professionals. Schools and offices. Cities and countries. CHAT sows stories of inspiration, connecting our community through Inspire Events, Town Halls, the Very Happy Person program, and other coordinated acts of goodness. The growth of our Movement is rooted in CHAT.

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Get some lovin’ care.