How We Made 100 People Happy On A Rainy Day

See what happened when we passed out 100 flowers on a rainy day in San Francisco. Thanks to Alix Robledo and Mru Kodali, two of our terrific VHPs (Very Happy People) for helping us make it happen!

Raining Happiness

Clair (left), Carlos and I prep for the Act.

  • Joy

    What a great idea to spread happiness around on a gloomy day!
    Aloha, JN

  • eleen

    Caught myself smiling the entire length of the video. Great job! :D

  • Natta Haotzima

    Go team! you rock! i love you so much. gracias for doing this.

  • Robin

    Did you notice how quickly peoples’ faces changed when they realized they weren’t being asked for anything but to accept a flower? So fun!

  • Anonymous

    It was fun doing it, too!

  • KerryQ

    It’s monday morning and that made me SMILE! Way to go Happiness Team!!

  • Anonymous

    Glad we could deliver happiness your way! It was great to surprise people, especially in the rain.

  • Love the idea of giving a gift while asking nothing in return! That is truly “delivering happiness.”


    Share your inner sunbeam, spread human sunshine, the deliverer of happiness.

    Well done

    Clare Bostock Author Be The Human Sunshine