First a Book, then a Bus Tour. Now what?

It’s a Wrap!
The Delivering Happiness team officially wrapped the ‘Inspire and Be Inspired’ Bus Tour in Las Vegas last weekend with the Rock N’ Roll Marathon festivities. To celebrate, and with little to no training, the Delivering Happiness team managed to finish the 13-mile race with smiles!

The three-month Delivering Happiness Bus Tour was an inspiring journey for everyone involved. Whether it was visiting a Children’s Hospital (we visited four!), maneuvering 15 pedi-cabs through Time Square or rebuilding homes in New Orleans, each of the 20+ stops had something in common: amazing people. Throughout the tour we had the opportunity to meet thousands of people who inspired us with their passion for sparking change in their lives and the lives of others. Hopefully in return, we left them inspired and empowered to continue making the world a happier place.

Highlights from the Road
If you haven’t already seen some of the highlights from our tour, we’d like to share them with you!

Also, stay tuned for more videos and photos from the tour that we hope will make you inspired and, dare we say, happy :) as we unpack and settle back into life off the road.

What Next? You tell us!
Now that the book launch and bus tour are all said and done, you may be wondering what’s next for the Delivering Happiness team. Although we’re still in the process of “writing” the next chapter, we can assure you this is only the beginning for the Delivering Happiness Movement!

We’d love to hear your opinion on how we can best serve you, our readers and supporters, and aid you in joining and continuing the movement. So, let us know here! You’re truly the reason why we’re inspired to do more…

Thank You!
The Delivering Happiness Bus Tour was a success because of your support and participation, so thank you! And of course, much gratitude to all of our partners that helped make it all happen:

Group Hi-5 from everyone on the Delivering Happiness Team!

So keep on with all you’re doing, and continue to Inspire and Be Inspired!

  • snow

    thanks sooo much. you guys rock!!!!

  • Beth St. Clair

    It’s only the beginnning, thank you for taking the powerful first step!! Much love to the happiness crew – Beth

  • Zorahgail

    Thanks for sponsoring the RNR Vegas marathon & 1/2. On the first day of the Expo I missed the Delivering Happiness bus (who knows how, it’s huge!) but caught up w/ you guys on the second day. To my surprise I got a copy of the book which made me very h-a-p-p-y as I’m a book nerd. So big YAY to all of you & again, thanks!