Here’s What We’ve Been Doing

Delivering Happiness started as a best-selling book, became a bus tour and turned
into something bigger than we ever imagined…a global movement.

Through each phase, there’s one thing that kept us going – you.

Every time someone shares their story of how Delivering Happiness has
inspired them, it inspires us to do something about it.


We’ve heard from people in 105 countries wanting to understand more
ways we can spread and inspire happiness. Our movement continues to grow
in ways we never expected, here’s just a few of the stories that continue to inspire us.

Other Happy Stories

On the third Tuesday of each month, community members are invited to come
together in Downtown Las Vegas to share ideas. Delivering Happiness Inspire!
events invite people to speak about what inspires them and to share that inspiration with others.

This survey is a partnership between Delivering Happiness at work in
the US, and Nef Consulting (new economics foundation) in the UK.

We have a program for the people who love to spread the word of the moment.
To join our Very Happy Person Program, please go

In the part two of the interview series with Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore,
Tony Hsieh and Jenn Lim, we hear Demi’s insight on the pursuit of happiness.

Samsung Electronics LIPDUB, made by Samsung electronics 100+ employers @Samsung HQ Office, Seoul.

How do you make 100 people happier on a rainy day? Give them flowers!

Delivering Happiness started as a best-selling book,
became a bus tour and turned into something bigger than
we ever imagined… a global movement. built an enduring brand through customer service and company culture,
but even more interesting is that they succeeded by using happiness as a business model…

The Delivering Happiness Team hit the streets of New York on 15 happy-pedicabs,
passing out books, t-shirts, 1,500 Happiness X-ING signs, and most importantly, delivering smiles.

Prof David Gould has a life design class which helps students plan their futures.
The Delivering Happiness team came and spoke with them. For more on the Delivering
Happiness at school movement, please join our Facebook group:

We went to Deliver Happiness at Pueblo High School in Tucson, Arizona –
one of the poorest areas in the state. We were so inspired by the amazing
students! Their spirit and dedication to find happiness in life is a lesson to us

Recently Delivering Happiness crew and local community volunteers took Las Vegas
by storm through a “reverse” picket, where they created affirmations for businesses
driving the change in Las Vegas.