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Backed by science, business sense, and common sense, we know that living a purposeful life is what really matters. So come along and join the movement. As our CEO says, it all begins with you.

It can be as simple as passing out balloons to strangers, or breaking out your best dance moves at the next company party. Or, make a bigger impact by hosting an Inspire! event in your company or community. How will you pay happiness forward? How will you change the world?

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Inspire! is a thought-provoking, purpose-driven, and community-based speaker series.

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Inspire! is currently based in downtown Las Vegas and expanding to other cities in 2015.

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Very Happy People:

After reading "Delivering Happiness" at the end of last year it has made a change with how I approach my relationship with customers. I also believe it's the beginning of a journey in discovering a higher purpose in life. I have made it my mission to continue to bring happiness to every educator I get a chance to talk to. In turn, hopefully they can bring happiness to their customers who are the children of the world.
Alan Lin (San Francisco, California)
To inspire and be inspired...that's a tall order - (but) not for an organization who shares the importance of passion, purpose, and inspiration. "Delivering Happiness" was impactful because it goes back to the very core of what's important. Jenn Lim's presentation was an invitation to me to look at my life and evaluate and ask the important questions... so I am better equipped to inspire and be inspired from others.
MJ Tamayo (Torrance, California)
Thank you for sharing your message of inspiration today at Toyota. I am a corporate trainer at the University of Toyota and positive psychology is a passion of mine. I have read Tony’s book and am now reading Shawn Achor’s book, this movement is so exciting! I enjoyed every moment of [Jenn’s] presentation and thank you for taking the time to be here to share it with us.
Karin Accomando (Torrance, California)
I came across your website and especially your tools regarding happiness@work and your community and I am truly impressed. Being a consultant in Australia, I can see how CEO's are starting to recognize the benefits of investing and keeping their people happy. Keep inspiring the world.
Marite Metsla (Melbourne, Australia)
It’s nice to know there is a revolution starting in businesses thanks to your work and the work of other thought leaders. I read the full report that Gallup came out last year about productivity and culture—I think it’s the most important work a company can do, and find it incredibly validating to see books and companies like yours out there helping to tell the story in a way where business leaders will listen!
Char-Lynn Griffiths (Atlanta, Georgia)
I just listened to the EntreLeadership podcast with Jenn and was so inspired to hear what she had to say. At my new company, we have been so intentional about the integrity and culture surrounding our health food products that it only makes sense to build a strong culture as we grow our business. Your work inspired us to become a Certified B Corp. and partner with 1% for the Planet. Thank you for leading the change you wish to see.
Catherine Mangan Walsh (New York, New York)

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