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87% of employees worldwide report feeling disengaged from their job.


Happiness at work results from your own actions, those of other employees, and the organization itself… In order to change THE world, we first must change OUR worlds. And that changes starts here — with you.

Join us on a six-month journey to greater personal and professional happiness. Happiness Works  logoWe’ve partnered with Nic Marks of Happiness Works to provide you exclusive access to the Happiness at Work Survey, as both a pre- and post-test. The survey is designed to give you insight into a trackable, achievable path toward making better decisions about your own happiness AND allow you to gauge your results against the only scale that really matters, you.


Before you begin, take the Happiness at Work survey and download your full report to learn about your own personal happiness in life, and in your work. You’ll get a comprehensive review of your responses, and results that you can take action on. [You can download the report directly from the results view in your browser, or access it via the link that will be emailed to you.]


personal overview example

Personal Overview example – click to enlarge


Exercise One

numbers-hw-1Dive right in on our blogwhere we’ll walk you through building your action plan, and help you take the first step on the path to a happier YOU, and a happier WORLD.  To follow along you’ll need to download [and print] your copy of this month’s exercise so we can build your happiness action plan together!


Exercise Two

numbers-hw-2Back to our blog you go! We’ve partnered with DaVinci to help you reverse your to-do list, achieve your goals, and live your passion and purpose.




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