Do you have questions about Delivering Happiness? Well, we have some answers for you!

  1. Where can I purchase Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose?Delivering Happiness is now available in-store or online at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders. For a complete list of booksellers that carry Delivering Happiness, please visit our publisher’s site.
  2. Are there electronic and audio versions of Delivering Happiness available? The Delivering Happiness audio version is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders. Electronic versions are available on Kindle and iBookstore. For more information, see our publisher’s guide to where to buy the audio and ebook versions.
  3. Is Delivering Happiness available for purchase internationally? According to our publisher, the book will be available online and in-store bookstores around the world around fall 2010 through 2011. Delivering Happiness is now available in various countries within Europe, as well as Australia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and Vietnam (check back soon because the list grows every day).
  4. In what countries can I find translated versions of Delivering Happiness?
    • France
    • Indonesia
    • China
    • Russia
    • Brazil
    • Japan
    • Taiwan
    • Thailand
    • Vietnam
    • Poland
    • Czech
    • Portugal
    • Turkey
    • Korea
    • Israel
    • Arabic
    • French Canada
    • Romania
  5. When will the audio version of Delivering Happiness be available for purchase internationally?
    Apparently, the contracts are different when it comes to audio and hardcover, so this might take some time. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear anything different!
  6. Can I purchase Delivering Happiness on my Kindle if I live outside of the United States?
    Unfortunately, not as of yet. Electronic rights outside of the United States are done by a per country and region basis, and currently we are only selling digital books in the United States. We’ll provide more information about availability and international rights as soon as it becomes available.
  7. If I signed up for a Delivering Happiness Twitter promotion, when can I expect to receive my book?Delivering Happiness was such a huge success from the get-go, that we ran into a shortage of the book. If you haven’t yet received your copy, we’d be happy to check on it for you. Please send your contact information to and we will find your tracking number.
  8. I received multiple copies of Delivering Happiness, should I return them? Please keep your extra copies, and we encourage you to deliver happiness to others by sharing a copy with your friends, family members…or even a random stranger.
  9. I went to my local bookstore and they said they were out of Delivering Happiness. First off, thanks for your interest and support of Delivering Happiness! Secondly, we apologize that you experienced this inconvenience. We encourage you to send an email to with the name and location of the book store you visited, so we can look into and hopefully remedy the situation.
  10. Now that I’ve read the book, what’s next? If you’ve been inspired by Delivering Happiness in some way, we’d love to hear how! One of the reasons why Tony wrote the book is to create a community where people can spread happiness of their own by Joining the Movement. For more information on how to connect with others who’ve read the book and/or to share your own story, please visit
  11. I would like to interview Tony, whom should I contact? Please send an email to Know that we get many requests a day so we’re unable to do every single interview, but we’ll do our best to accommodate.
If we weren’t able to answer your question, please send an email to and we will respond to you as soon as possible!