The dedication that I wrote in Delivering Happiness:

This book is dedicated to Ava Zech and all of the other aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders of tomorrow. Happy eleventh birthday, Ava!

Tony gives Ava a copy of Delivering Happiness for her birthday

Who’s Ava?
Ava is the daughter of Zappos employee Richard Zech. She just turned 11 years old last week and we’ve gotten to become good friends over the years. She’s a born entrepreneur: She was doing a garage sale on her own at age 4 and her mom came out and saw that she was selling her (mom’s) shoes.

She video skyped me when she was 8 to present a business plan for organic temporary tattoo’ing dogs. Her favorite iPhone app is Sally’s spa, where you decide what equipment to invest in, figure out how to make customers happy, and build up enough capital to open branches in other countries.

Ava turns 11!
I decided to dedicate the book to Ava and all the aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders of tomorrow, and surprised her with this PowerPoint on her birthday last week in the Zappos lunchroom as well as an advanced copy of the book:

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