Community Captain & Jr. Coachsultant

Professional Bio

Kelsey is passionately curious about social global movements. Her purpose is to expand consciousness and transform lives, organizations, and communities worldwide.

Kelsey catalyzes action at the intersection of:

• social impact and innovation
• community and culture design
• people and leadership development

Kelsey’s background is in launching and directing entrepreneurial spaces [incubators, accelerators, and coworking spaces] including CO+HOOTS, named one of the Top 10 coworking spaces in the world in 2015 and 2016 for its outsized impact.

She found her workplace tribe at Delivering Happiness, where she serves as a “Utility Player”. Her multi-dimensional role of community marketing, business development, and coachsulting allows her to channel her super power: developing meaningful relationships and catalyzing change.

Clients include:

  • 360 Incentives
  • Baldwin University
  • Chase
  • CatalystCreativ
  • CultureLabX
  • Inc. 5000
  • Greater Good Science Center
  • MAC6
  • Singularity University
  • WeWork
  • WISS

Fun Facts

  • Kelsey is a big traveler. She once rowed the Grand Canal at the Palace of Versailles and enjoyed the Palace so much she got locked in after hours!
  • Kelsey is a very extroverted, social person. Her dad would always say, “your mouth is the only thing that will get you in trouble.” Recently he has added “and it’s the only thing that will get you out of trouble.”
  • When Kelsey’s not creating community, she’s playing bikes. A new cyclist, Kelsey has been exploring the Bay Area via her road bike “Blue Steel” [because it’s ridiculously good looking] and hopes to do the Women’s 100K in 2016.

Inspired By

  • Leaders who give.
  • Dreamers who act.
  • Explorers with great stories.

Something Weird That Makes Her Happy

Baby velociraptors ;]

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