Jennifer Mansel

Professional Bio

Prior to joining Delivering Happiness, Jennifer served as Account Manager, for Global Novations, a consulting firm dedicated to improving the performance of business professionals. In 2007, Jennifer and her Global Novations team members were awarded the prestigious PMI® Professional Development Provider of the Year Award. Jennifer and her team partnered with both the Stevens Institute of Technology and Stanford University, through IPS Associates, to establish a new business strategy that unites corporate training initiatives with university level Master’s programs.

When Jennifer came to Delivering Happiness in 2011 she finally found her work home. Her goal is to help every company create their own unique culture and truly live by their shared core values.

Jennifer whole heartedly believes that a customer service mindset internally and externally is not only good for business it is good for the soul.

Jennifer and her husband, Pete have been blessed with three children, Dominic (23), Parker (15) and Savannah (13), a wonderful daughter in law (Brooke) and grandson (Ryker). They attend Johns Creek Baptist Church and are very active in their community. While not out delivering happiness, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family, reading, water skiing, white water rafting, just generally being outdoors, and playing with her dogs.

Fun Facts

  • Jennifer is a new GRAND MOMMY to the most perfect, precious, and wonderful baby, Dominic Ryker.
  • She loves animals and is constantly taking photos of her two dogs, Bruno and Sparky. She has over 200 pictures of them on her phone.
  • She loves to plow through 2-3 books while on vacation and prefers to sit away from her family while flying so she can read.

Inspired By

Her wonderful family, co-workers, friends and random acts of kindness.

Something Weird That Makes Her Happy

Every single day Jennifer has to wake up and have a large unsweetened tea from McDonald’s.

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