Community Architect

Professional Bio

Jeff’s Chinese name is 蕭承烈 (xiao cheng lie). His parents took the middle character in his given Chinese name, and phonetically translated it to the closest English-spelled name. Cheng > Chad.

Jeff is from the San Francisco Bay Area, born and raised in Cupertino.

Jeff loves creating productive environments where people can discover, engage, grow, thrive, and be happy. Jeff is passionate about nurturing the do-good capacity of humans.

Fun Facts

  • As a boy scout, Jeff almost canoed off a dam. he’s still alive, thankfully.
  • Jeff has fearless taste buds: He’s eaten all sorts of bugs, reproductive organs, and intentionally rotted food.
  • Jeff loves Bruce Lee. He once met Bruce’s old barber and got to hear all the best stories.

Words to Live by

  • Be Kind. Be Humble in Victory. Be Graceful in Defeat.

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