Lead Coach & Happiness Alchemist

Professional Bio

As a Lead Coach and Happiness Alchemist, Javier works with organizations around the world crafting culture solutions  that create  innovation and disruptive change.  Javier applies positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and meditation practices with information technologies for shared greater good. Javier integrates life and corporate coaching knowhow with IT, social media, and game design to develop solutions for: innovation, team-building, leadership, productivity, product development, process optimization, cost reduction, marketing and sales.

Javier is also the creator of  Just Action, an app to crowdsource your happiness. Just Action is an app that helps you achieve your epic projects by integrating 12+ years of research and development in positive psychology, game dynamics, and social media technology. The basic principles present in Just Action technologies are integrated in DH solutions to help companies build strong value-driven cultures. Just Action does this by making relationship-building, accountability, collaboration, gratitude, and altruism fun and actionable in continuity.

Inspired By

Personally, Javier’s inspired by projects related to peace-building, social healing, and paradigm-shifting for sustainable value co-creation. Javier believes all of these projects have a common ground based on self-discovery and realization through collaborative action.

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His three kids ;]

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