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Fadhly Bey

Professional Bio

Fadhly’s entire professional career has been in the field of design. After graduating from the Art Center in Pasadena, he freelanced for LEGO then joined Zoe Design, a design consultancy in San Francisco where he stayed for 15 years.

As a Creative Director at Zoe, he worked on various projects for a multitude of domestic and international clients including Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, Steelcase, GM. He has been recognized with several design awards (Good Design Award – The Chicago Anthenaeum, iF Award, Smart Design Award). He was also a co-founder of the design collective designRAW exhibiting their work in galleries and shows starting in Milan, then London and New York, and has been published in multiple international design magazines (Wired, Domus/Italy, designReport/Germany).

Now, Fadh is focused on making Delivering Happiness an extraordinary and inspiring brand.

Fun Facts

  • Fadh is addicted to water and goes out kitesurfing on the San Francisco Bay as much as possible.
  • People are surprised when they hear him talk in his native tongue… Swiss German.
  • Fadh loves to drive. Living close to several world class racetracks, he is lucky to be able to take his car to the track and let loose.

Inspired By

Fadh is inspired by everything around him but right now mostly by his baby daughter Aria!

Something Weird That Makes Him Happy

Seeing patterns and alignments in my surroundings.

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