Culture Cultivator

Professional Bio

Born in the land of Lincoln, Angela came to DH with 20+ years marketing and office experience in numerous industries (i.e. culinary, banking, education, entertainment, real estate, engineering, and more).

Angela was the first in her family to graduate from college! She received her AAS in Legal Office Systems from Southern Illinois University and her BS in Marketing from Arizona State University. She loves numbers and has always been a “math geek”. When she’s not whipping DH’s culture, operations, and dollar signs/decimal points into shape, she enjoys rollerblading, hiking and spending time with her two small children.

Fun Facts

  • Angela loves to rollerblade, she can even skate backwards.
  • Mentally, Angela types words in her head as people speak… which helps her keep up her 100+wpm!

Inspired By

My babies!

Something Weird That Makes Her Happy

Spinning my fellow teammate EZ-e (aka Eleen), and number-crunching.

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Angela's Personal Motto

Angela’s Personal Motto

Favorite Core Value