Behind-the-Scenes of Happy Bus Book Tour Planning

Want to see what it’s like to plan a national Happy Bus book tour? Check out this behind-the-scenes footage capturing all of the random and happy moments with the Delivering Happiness team.

  • Joe Maravillas

    Bus looks like it will be awesome! Congratulations! I hope to check it out when you get to SF.

  • dustrob

    TO TONY: Just listened to your book on my way to California and LOVED every minute of it! Your book has motivated me to commit to taking the risk and follow my entrepreneurial dreams… I feel happier already! THANKS

    PS. I too had an unsuccessful worm farm when I was a kid :)

    TO EVERYONE ELSE: Read the book!

  • Amy

    Thanks Joe! It is definitely coming along. Can’t wait to announce more of the Happy Bus tour details.

    @dustrob Thanks for your feedback on the audiobook and for your happy recommendation :) P.S. Worm farms rock.

  • Jenn

    you definitely need to hop on joe! maybe we can get ed and xavier out for our next LT reunion…

  • Erik Qualman


    Loved the book, keep up the great work. Your success is well deserved and inspires everyone to reach for happiness.


    Erik Qualman
    #1 Best Selling Author of Socialnomics

  • Amy

    Hi Erik, Just wanted to say a quick thank you for the kind words!

  • Michele Price


    So excited to see you spread the word. You guys need to make happy babies along the way so we can populate the world with more happiness.

    Loved the book, now let’s put smiles on people’s faces and show them they can be what the want and be happy, everyone has their place.

    Michele @prosperitygal