An Idea About An Idea

An idea about an idea.From time to time, you probably have one. You might have a tendency to define it as good or bad. You may even feel compelled to say, “It’s just an . . . “

All of this is completely normal, this way you have been labeling it and sometimes even apologizing for it. This is how we are trained to approach it, after all.

But I wonder if you have considered allowing yourself to be delighted by it, no matter how ridiculous or impractical it may be.

To look forward to it as if you waited in line overnight to get it.

To see it through the eyes of your cherished relative who can be counted on to say, “Wow, that’s a great . . . ”

To care for it like it’s the new kid at school.

To feel flustered and actually blush upon meeting it.

To wander the house in robe and slippers at 3 a.m. over it.

To become so busy with it that you might forget to do something else because of it.

To be so taken with it that you introduce it to your parents.

To love it. To respect it, and, to, well, you get theĀ  . . .


Image courtesy of Scrappy Sev








  • Laura

    I hear ya on that! :)

  • Laura

    I hear ya on that! :)

  • Anonymous


  • Great idea — too often, we just jump all over those ideas and devour them or beat them into submission. What a great thought, to savor them, bask in them, soak in them like a great symphony, or better still, like the stillness before a master pianist begins a concerto, or the appreciation of a blank canvas before the commencement of a painting.

    Wow. Powerful. I love it!

  • Anonymous

    Bret, love your way of putting it. So many ideas never get a fair shot. Here’s to giving them their due!
    Thanks for your great comments!

  • Tony Bacon

    SNACTON. COM is my idea. I love my idea! The dream of it, the plausibility of it and the benefit of it. Its social entrepreneurialism at ground level. I asked myself “what do you want from life” and designed a business plan that helps folks have fun while solving social problems. Our main goal is to help helpers help. Snacton is the lifestyle brand for positivity. Graphic arts, food, travel, adventure, clothing, music and enhancing social consciousness. Good times for good. Google Snacton.

  • Crystal_S

    Ha! That just happened to me and it’s how I ended up on this site. AND it’s 3:21 A.M. I think that means I win!! ; ) ;)