It’s amazing where a single book can take you.

In 2009 we started working on Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, And Purpose and launched it June 2010. It took us on a book tour to 23 cities across the country and continued to introduce us to the rest of the world. We certainly weren’t expecting the book to get such big recognition and yet here we are.

We were very humbled to receive all of your feedback, emails and even personal interactions, so we figured we should do something to bring all of you amazing people out there together. This website is brought to you with that in mind. A place where we can talk about the book, share experiences and, most importantly, inspire each other as we take on life’s challenges. We’ll write stories, we’ll read stories. We’ll hold presentations and Town Hall meetings. If you can, come meet the lot of us. If you can’t make it, we’ll fill you in.

We’re always open to suggestions and feedback. So, write us a story. Tweet us. Facebook us. You can even send us cake with a note on top scrawled in icing. Point is, speak to us.

In the end, we hope to be nothing but a vessel. An ever-growing vessel that connects different people with different ideas but with one vision in mind: Delivering Happiness.

Hope we’ll see you on board.