5 Ways A Thriving Employee Stands Out At Work


In a previous post, we offered four tips to help managers create a company culture of thriving. Just what happens when you thrive as an employee?

According to the research of Gretchen Spreitzer and Christine Porath, here’s what thriving employees report versus their non-thriving peers:

  • 125% less burnout
  • 46% higher job satisfaction
  • 32% greater commitment to your company
  • 16% better overall performance
  • You also report missing less work and requiring fewer doctor visits

When the two components of thriving (vitality and learning) are working in concert, you’re more likely to be a better leader. As a high-learning and high-energy employee, you’ll have 11% greater effectiveness in leadership versus a peer who only reports high energy.

It’s all good news to share at your next team meeting.

image courtesy of hideyourarms.com

  • Totally agree. Employee Engagement is a hot topic and I also agree everyone should be responsible for their own happiness. It is very true others can not engage you or make you happy, that is a choice we all have to make every day. It is about our intrinsic motivation, passion and alignment of personal values and corporate values.

    That said the business can help support engagement and help their employees “Thrive” by working on their culture and communication. We have found the most essential element is recognition. Showing you value the people you work with and reinforcing the great things they do with a thank you or great job can help people Thrive while reinforcing the corporate values, individual qualities and work results that matter most to the business. Simple really. But i am always surprised how few companies employee that philosophy.

    We developed a product called Kudos to help all organizations do just that. Check it out at http://www.KudosNow.com and let us know what you think.